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Parking, as easy as it should be.

We offer a stress-free parking experience to drivers by providing the opportunity to find or reserve a parking spot, any day, any time.

The PARKAIDE Mobile App allows drivers entering the city to find available parking spots in a matter of seconds.

Our Vision

To be the must-have mobile app that provides a simple solution to a common issue experienced by most Caribbean drivers: parking. We envision that all car parks within towns and cities throughout the Caribbean will have the opportunity to be found and filled regardless of their location.

Our Values


Our goal is to create a culture of integrity and open communication. This culture permeates our interactions with our clients as well as our partners and staff, fostering honesty and trust in our business transactions.


An easy, stress-free process is what we believe in. We are committed to engineering our processes and employing the right tools to make your interactions with us truly satisfying. We aim to make simple things simple again.

Friendly Customer Service

How we treat our customers is a top priority. We’re determined to give customers more than they expect and to resolve any issues they may encounter as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. Our intention is to build relationships with our customers, encouraging open communication so that a space for continuous improvement is established. This way we can ensure that we provide exactly what our customers need.

Caribbean & Capable

We’ve developed a service that makes it easy for drivers to find, reserve and pay for parking, at our partnering car parks. We employ the use of technology and parking infrastructure to ensure a modern, reliable and easy-to-use service. Our service will appeal to those who crave ease and convenience and who are used to incorporating technology as part of their day-to-day lives. 

Through this simple service we hope to make a positive impact and change the mindset of Caribbean people, where technology is embraced and further becomes an essential part of our day-to-day lives.

The Carpark was Full.

PARKAIDE founder Makesi Alexander was walking through the city of Port-of-Spain in Trinidad when he witnessed an exchange between a car-park attendant and a driver who was turned away from the full car-park. The attendant gave directions to another car-park but the driver who was unfamiliar with the city had no clue where the attendant was directing her.

The driver’s frustration got Makesi thinking and the idea for PARKAIDE was born.

Every day drivers entering the city are frustrated by running into full car parks, high parking prices and unclear street parking restrictions. They also risk having to pay hefty wrecking fines should their vehicles get towed by city wreckers for parking illegally.

Our App helps everyday drivers like you by providing all the information you need to avoid these issues and more.