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City parking spots in the palm of your hands.

For every driver who is frustrated when searching for parking in the city of Port-of-Spain. The PARKAIDE app allows you to find or reserve parking in only a few seconds.

All your options in one place.

Our service makes it easy to obtain reliable, real-time information such as; location, price and parking spot availability from our partnering city car parks.

Save time and money

Get on with your day

You didn’t come to the city to spend all day trying to find a place to park. You’ve got places to go and things to do. Our solution gives you back the wasted time you usually spend searching for a parking space.

We ‘wreck-amend’ it

What can you do with $500.00? One day trip to Tobago? A new outfit? Gift for a loved one? A well-deserved ‘Me’ day? Whatever you think up, we’re sure it won’t be walking to the wreck depot to pay a fine. Avoid the risk of illegal parking and put your $500.00 to better use.

VIP Access

We all want a bit of VIP treatment sometimes. PARKAIDE allows you to easily reserve and pay for parking ahead of time. So that when you get to the lot, your space is ready and waiting for you to fill it. Our service brings VIP convenience to your everyday life.

It's easier with PARKAIDE.

Find a Car Park

Reserve a spot

View Street Parking Restrictions

Your City.Your Way.

Enjoy a less
congested city

Imagine a world where everyone knew exactly where to find available parking. There would be less traffic congestion in the city. That means less frustration, less road rage and more time to get to our offices, appointments or to that shopping day with family and friends. The Parkaide Mobile App aims to make that world a reality.

Your City.Your Way.

One less thing drivers worry about.


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